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Ball Bearings

Air Conditioner Compressor Bearings
Angular Contact Ball Bearings 10-50 mm
Angular Contact Ball Bearings 55-110 mm
CS200 Series Ball Bearings
CSK Series One Way - Sprag Ball Bearing
Deep Groove Non Standard Bores
Deep Groove Single Row 1-4 mm
Deep Groove Single Row 5-9 mm
Deep Groove Single Row 10-20 mm
Deep Groove Single Row 22-35 mm
Deep Groove Single Row 40-60 mm
Deep Groove Single Row 65-85 mm
Deep Groove Single Row 90-120 mm
Deep Groove Single Row 130-160 mm
Deep Groove Single Row ³⁄₆₄ - ⁷⁄₁₆
Deep Groove Single Row ½ - 1¼
Deep Groove Single Row 1 ⁵⁄₁₆ – 2 ¹⁄₂
Deep Groove Single Row 2 ¾ - 4
Deep Groove 16000 Series 12-200 mm
Deep Groove 630 622 62300 10-50 mm
Double Row Angular Contact 8-40 mm
Double Row Angular Contact 45-110 mm
Inch Steel Balls
Metric Steel Balls
Mast Guide Bearings
Self Aligning Ball Bearings 10-60 mm
Self Aligning Ball Bearings 65-110 mm
Semi Precision Ball Bearings Rubber Sealed
Thrust Bearing 10-45 mm
Thrust Bearing 50-85 mm
Thrust Bearing 90-240 mm
Water Pump - Integral Shaft Bearings
Wheel Bearings Double Row Angular Contact
Inches to Millimeters Bearing Chart
Millimeters to Inches Bearings Chart

Roller Bearings

Taper Roller
Cylindrical Roller

Heavy Housings

Adapter Sleeves 20-135 mm
Adapter Sleeves 140-380 mm
FCM 500 Cast Iron Housing
FSSN 500 SG Tac Iron Housings
KM lock nuts 18-420 mm
MB tab washers 21-362 mm
SD 3000 SG Tac Iron Housings
SD 3100 SG Tac Iron Housings
SLO4-5000 PP Sheave Roller Bearings 20-200 mm
SNU 500 Cast Iron Housing
SNU 600 Cast Iron Housing
Spherical Roller Bearings Parallel Bore 25-100 mm
Spherical Roller Bearings Parallel Bore 110-160 mm
Spherical Roller Bearings Parallel Bore 170-240 mm
Spherical Roller Bearings Parallel Bore 260-380 mm
Spherical Roller Bearings Parallel Bore 400-530 mm
Spherical Roller Bearings Parallel Bore 560-800 mm
Spherical Roller Bearings Tapered Bore 20-90 mm
Spherical Roller Bearings Tapered Bore 100-140 mm
Spherical Roller Bearings Tapered Bore 150-220 mm
Spherical Roller Bearings Tapered Bore 240-360 mm
Split Spherical Roller Bearings 120-600 mm
THM 500 SG Tac Cast Iron Housings
TSSN 500 SG Tac Iron Housings
Withdrawal Sleeves 35-320 mm
Z2 Series Minimum Hub Diameter 110-120 mm
Z2 Series Fitting Instructions
Z2 Series Medium Duty Non Self Centering 20-190 mm
Z2 Series Medium Duty Non Self Centering 200-1000 mm
Z5 Series Heavy Duty Self Centering 100-600 mm
Z5 Series Minimum Hub Diameter
Z5-Z6 Series Fitting Instructions
Z6 Series Extra Heavy Duty Selfcentering 25-600 mm
Z6 Series Minimum Hub Diameter
Z8 Series Fitting Instructions
Z8 Series Medium Duty Flanged Selfcentering 20-400 mm
Z8 Series Minimum Hub Diameter
ZSD Series Fitting Instructions
ZSD Series Heavy Duty Shrink Discs 24-660 mm

Camfollower Bearings

Heavy Duty Housing Assemblies

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Material Handling - Mast Bearing

Spherical Plain Bearing

Bronze Bushes
Self Lubricating Bushes
Spherical Plain Bearings 4-10 mm
Spherical Plain Bearings 12-16 mm
Spherical Plain Bearings 17-22 mm
Spherical Plain Bearings 25-30 mm
Spherical Plain Bearings 32-45 mm
Spherical Plain Bearings 50-70 mm
Spherical Plain Bearings 75-100 mm
Spherical Plain Bearings 110-180 mm
Spherical Plain Bearings 200-320 mm
Spherical Plain Bearings ³⁄₁₆ - ¾ Inch
Spherical Plain Bearings ⁷⁄₈ – 1 ¾ Inch
Spherical Plain Bearings 2 – 3 ¼ Inch
Spherical Plain Bearings 3 ½ – 4 ¾ Inch
Spherical Plain Bearings 5 – 12 Inch
Spherical Plain Angular Contact Bearings 25-100mm
Spherical Plain Angular Contact Bearings 105-200 mm
Spherical Plain Angular Contact Bearings ½ – 6 Inch
Spherical Plain Thrust Bearings 10-80 mm
Spherical Plain Thrust Bearings 100-200 mm

Wide Inner Ring Bearings






Hubs and Coupling

Key Steel

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QD Bushs

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Shaft Fixings


Taper Lock Bush 2

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Wire Rope Pulley

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Uni Joints 2

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Weld On Hubs 2

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Chain Accessories



Auto Blade Fuse Kit - Mini
Auto Blade Fuse Kit - Regular
Auto Bulbs Kit 12 Volt
Auto Electrical Tool Kit
Auto European Fuse Kit
Auto Glass Fuse Kit 3AG
Bonded Imperial Washers
Bonded Metric Washers
Box 1 - Small Plastic Storage Box
Box 2 - Large Plastic Storage Box
Box 3 - Fixed Handle Storage Box
Box 4 - Tool Box Red Handle
Box 5 - Large Tool Box Yellow Handle
Box 6 - Large Storage Box
Bronze Bush
Chain ½ Inch Link Kit
Chain ASA Breakdown Kit
Chain BS Breakdown Kit
Chain Connecting Link Kit
Circlip E Type Kit Metric
Circlip E Type Kit Stainless
Circlip External Kit
Circlip External Kit Stainless
Circlip Internal Kit
Circlip Internal Kit Stainless
Circlip Plier Kit
Clevis Hitch Pin Kit
Copper Washer Kit
Dashboard Repair Kit
Drill Tip Inserts Kit
Eureka Replacement Packs
Eye Bolt with Nut Kit
Eye Bolt Wood Kit
Fiberglass Patch Kit
Fuel Tank Repair Kit
Grease Nipples Imperial Kit
Grease Nipples Metric Kit
Grommet Kit
Grub Screw Imperial Kit
Grub Screw Metric Kit
Grub Screw to Suit Bearings Kit
Headlight Lens Restoration Kit
Heat Shrink Tube Kit
Hex Head Self Drilling Screw
Hitch Pin R Clip Kit
Home Handy Kit
Hose Clamp Kit
Imperial Ball Kit
Imperial Teflon Bush Kit
Key Steel Imperial Kit
Key Steel Metric Kit
Lock and Flat Washer Kit
Lock Tab Nut and Washer
Metric Ball Kit
Metric Teflon Bush Kit
Mini Bearing Imperial Kit
Mini Bearing Metric Kit
Mini Stainless Bearing Kit
Nut and Bolt Metric
Nut and Bolt SAE
O-Ring Imperial Kit
O-Ring Metric Kit
O-Ring Splicing Kit
Plastic Tank Repair Kit
Push in Air Line Imperial Fittings
Push in Air Line Metric Fittings
Rivet Kit
Rod End Female Imperial Kit
Rod End Female Metric Kit
Rod End Male Imperial Kit
Rod End Male Metric Kit
Rod End Male Kit Stainless
Rod End Studded Female Imperial Kit
Rod End Studded Female Metric Kit
Roll Pin Metric Kit
Sealing Washers Kit
Semi Precision Bearing Kit
Shaft Collar Imperial Stainless
Shaft Collar Imperial Kit
Shaft Collar Metric
Skate Bearing Kit
Speed Nut Kit
Split Pin - Cotter Pin Kit
Spring Kit
Stainless Fastener Kit
Thread and Gasket Kit
Thread Repair Kit
V Nipple and Plug Kit
Wing Nut Kit
Wire Terminal Kit
Wood and Sheet Metal Screws Kit
Woodruff Key Metric Kit





Adaptor Sleeves

Bearing Buddies

Timken Products


Ezy Sleeve

O Rings - V Rings



  • Miniture bearing imperial kit 120 piece
  • mini bearing imperial kit 120 pieces
  • Miniture bearing imperial kit 120 pce
  • imperial miniature ball bearings
  • imperial mini ball bearings
  • miniature ball bearings imperial
mini bearing imperial kit 120 piece eureka assortment
Miniature bearing imperial kit 120 piece. Small bearings are simply another name for miniature ball bearings. Miniature ball bearings are typically very small, smaller than an inch or two, or smaller than 20 millimeters under metric measurement standards. Information about Miniature Ball Bearings

UBC Miniature ball bearings are composed in a variety of parts, including an outer and inner ring, balls, retainers and snap rings. They may also have shields or seals, flanges and steel ball cages. Miniature ball bearings come in a number of different types. They can be radial ball bearings, designed for radial loads, which will be either deep groove or angular contact bearings, or they can be axial bearings, designed for thrust loads. They can have flanges for stability or no flanges. They can be shielded or open. Shielded small bearings offer additional protection in both directions, as they help prevent contamination into the bearing and also help prevent lubrication leakage from the bearing into the application.

How Small Bearings Work. Miniature ball bearings, or small bearings, are specially designed to reduce friction between moving parts in various industrial applications. Since many applications require large parts and may be subject to a limited amount of space, the reduced size of small bearings can be ideal. Uses of Small Bearings

There is a wide variety of applications for miniature ball bearings. Small bearings can be used for medical applications, in anything from dialysis machines to medical robotic devices. They may be used in office products such as check and money sorting machines, or in computer peripherals like hard drives.

It’s not enough to know that you need small bearings for your applications. Ball bearings come in a wide variety of combinations, types and styles, and you will want the bearings that will provide the greatest efficiency for your applications. There are different materials, such as chrome and stainless steel, available. NMB small bearings are generally manufactured with DD400 stainless steel material. This reduces noise for applications that are noise sensitive and provides superior corrosion resistance and hardness. However, chrome material ball bearings are also available. There are the different types discussed above, open vs. shielded, flanged vs. not flanged, radial vs. axial load ball bearings. There are also different types of shields and seals to consider. Finally, there is the actual size of the bearing.

Bearings can be measured in inches or metrically in millimeters. There are three main dimensions along which bearings are measured. These are the bore, or inner diameter, the outer diameter, and the width. There are standard designations given to ball bearings to indicate their bore size. For the standard series bearing, a 00 designation indicates a 10mm bore, 01 indicates a 12 mm bore, 02 indicates a 15 mm bore, 03 indicates a 17 mm bore, and 04 indicates a 20 mm bore. For larger ball bearings, the measure of a standard series bore in millimeters is five times the numeric designation. Caring for Small Bearings

NMB miniature ball bearings are of the highest quality and are designed to last and keep your applications running for a long time. However, as with any machine parts, proper care and handling is a critical factor in making your bearings last. The best way to protect your small bearings is probably the use of seals and shields for your ball bearings. These features are specifically designed to prevent contamination. That being said, some dirt or other particles may still find their way into the bearing, which is why it is important to take other steps to protect your bearings. This means that when you are putting your bearings into your application, you should take extra effort to avoid any kind of contamination. Keep the room where you will be handling the bearings dry and clean, and do not take the bearings out of their packaging until you are ready to use them. If you drop a bearing, discard it. In addition to the fact that it may immediately accumulate damaging particles, there may be damage to the bearing which is not apparent to the naked eye. This damage may interfere with your application’s efficiency or, at the very least, cause the application to generate a great deal more noise than desired. Also, when applying lubricant to your small bearings, make sure that the lubricant is free from contaminants and refrain from using applicators like cotton swabs that could themselves contaminate the bearings.

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mini bearing imperial kit 120 pie

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