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New Zealand.

UBC is ISO 9000, ISO 9001,
and ISO 14001 Certified

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Universal Bearing Company Australia, was found
in 1990 with Branches in Wetherill Park Sydney,
Dandenong Victoria and Rocklea Brisbane, to
service all reseller and component suppliers
of Agricultural, Industrial, Automotive, Marine,
Hydraulics, Trucking, Conveyor, Forklift and
Food Manufactures.

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Australia Wide

Expertise and customer service is our success,
we also have in house Engineers can help design
bearings to suit your specific needs. We can
reengineer and simplify your bearing assemblies
and often improve their performance specification.
Apart from Bearings and Power Transmission we
can offer metal casting machine parts, consumables
like grease & lubricant s, gasketing material, thread
locker and hand cleaner.

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UBC Products


Ball Bearing

Air Conditioner Compressor Bearings
Angular Contact Ball Bearings 10-50 mm
Angular Contact Ball Bearings 55-110 mm
CS200 Series Ball Bearings
CSK Series One Way - Sprag Ball Bearing
Deep Groove Non Standard Bores
Deep Groove Single Row 1-4 mm
Deep Groove Single Row 5-9 mm
Deep Groove Single Row 10-20 mm
Deep Groove Single Row 22-35 mm
Deep Groove Single Row 40-60 mm
Deep Groove Single Row 65-85 mm
Deep Groove Single Row 90-120 mm
Deep Groove Single Row 130-160 mm
Deep Groove Single Row ³⁄₆₄ - ⁷⁄₁₆
Deep Groove Single Row ½ - 1¼
Deep Groove Single Row 1 ⁵⁄₁₆ – 2 ¹⁄₂
Deep Groove Single Row 2 ¾ - 4
Deep Groove 16000 Series 12-200 mm
Deep Groove 630 622 62300 10-50 mm
Double Row Angular Contact 8-40 mm
Double Row Angular Contact 45-110 mm
Inch Steel Balls
Metric Steel Balls
Mast Guide Bearings
Self Aligning Ball Bearings 10-60 mm
Self Aligning Ball Bearings 65-110 mm
Semi Precision Ball Bearings Rubber Sealed
Thrust Bearing 10-45 mm
Thrust Bearing 50-85 mm
Thrust Bearing 90-240 mm
Water Pump - Integral Shaft Bearings
Wheel Bearings Double Row Angular Contact
Inches to Millimeters Bearing Chart
Millimeters to Inches Bearings Chart

Camfollower Bearings

Heavy Duty Housing Assemblies

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Product Coming soon

Material Handling - Mast Bearing


Taper Roller
Cylindrical Roller

Heavy Housings

Adapter Sleeves 20-135 mm
Adapter Sleeves 140-380 mm
FCM 500 Cast Iron Housing
FSSN 500 SG Tac Iron Housings
KM lock nuts 18-420 mm
MB tab washers 21-362 mm
SD 3000 SG Tac Iron Housings
SD 3100 SG Tac Iron Housings
SLO4-5000 PP Sheave Roller Bearings 20-200 mm
SNU 500 Cast Iron Housing
SNU 600 Cast Iron Housing
Spherical Roller Bearings Parallel Bore 25-100 mm
Spherical Roller Bearings Parallel Bore 110-160 mm
Spherical Roller Bearings Parallel Bore 170-240 mm
Spherical Roller Bearings Parallel Bore 260-380 mm
Spherical Roller Bearings Parallel Bore 400-530 mm
Spherical Roller Bearings Parallel Bore 560-800 mm
Spherical Roller Bearings Tapered Bore 20-90 mm
Spherical Roller Bearings Tapered Bore 100-140 mm
Spherical Roller Bearings Tapered Bore 150-220 mm
Spherical Roller Bearings Tapered Bore 240-360 mm
Split Spherical Roller Bearings 120-600 mm
THM 500 SG Tac Cast Iron Housings
TSSN 500 SG Tac Iron Housings
Withdrawal Sleeves 35-320 mm
Z2 Series Minimum Hub Diameter 110-120 mm
Z2 Series Fitting Instructions
Z2 Series Medium Duty Non Self Centering 20-190 mm
Z2 Series Medium Duty Non Self Centering 200-1000 mm
Z5 Series Heavy Duty Self Centering 100-600 mm
Z5 Series Minimum Hub Diameter
Z5-Z6 Series Fitting Instructions
Z6 Series Extra Heavy Duty Selfcentering 25-600 mm
Z6 Series Minimum Hub Diameter
Z8 Series Fitting Instructions
Z8 Series Medium Duty Flanged Selfcentering 20-400 mm
Z8 Series Minimum Hub Diameter
ZSD Series Fitting Instructions
ZSD Series Heavy Duty Shrink Discs 24-660 mm

Spherical Plain Bearing

Bronze Bushes
Self Lubricating Bushes
Spherical Plain Bearings 4-10 mm
Spherical Plain Bearings 12-16 mm
Spherical Plain Bearings 17-22 mm
Spherical Plain Bearings 25-30 mm
Spherical Plain Bearings 32-45 mm
Spherical Plain Bearings 50-70 mm
Spherical Plain Bearings 75-100 mm
Spherical Plain Bearings 110-180 mm
Spherical Plain Bearings 200-320 mm
Spherical Plain Bearings ³⁄₁₆ - ¾ Inch
Spherical Plain Bearings ⁷⁄₈ – 1 ¾ Inch
Spherical Plain Bearings 2 – 3 ¼ Inch
Spherical Plain Bearings 3 ½ – 4 ¾ Inch
Spherical Plain Bearings 5 – 12 Inch
Spherical Plain Angular Contact Bearings 25-100mm
Spherical Plain Angular Contact Bearings 105-200 mm
Spherical Plain Angular Contact Bearings ½ – 6 Inch
Spherical Plain Thrust Bearings 10-80 mm
Spherical Plain Thrust Bearings 100-200 mm

Transmission (WIR)

Truck and Trailer Catalog

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Ezy Sleeve


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O Rings - V Rings

Truck and Auto





Bush Products

Product Coming soon

Rod End

Product Coming soon

Spherical Bush

Teflon Sheet

Product Coming soon

Washer Products

Product Coming soon




Hubs and Coupling

Product Coming soon

Key Steel

Pulleys Products

QD Bush

Product Coming soon

Shaft Fixing


Taper Lock Bush

Product Coming soon

Uni Joints

Product Coming soon

Weld on Hubs


Adaptor Sleeves

Product Coming soon


Product Coming soon

Bearing Buddies

Product Coming soon

Bearing Hook

Product Coming soon


Ezy Sleeve Products

Product Coming soon

Material Handling

Needle Roller

Permatex Products

Pulleys Product

Product Coming soon

Sealing Products

Product Coming soon

Timken Products

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Auto Electrical Tool Kit
Bonded Imperial Washers
Bonded Metric Washers
Box 1 - Small Plastic Storage Box
Box 2 - Large Plastic Storage Box
Box 3 - Fixed Handle Storage Box
Box 4 - Tool Box Red Handle
Box 5 - Large Tool Box Yellow Handle
Box 6 - Large Storage Box
Bronze Bush
Bulbs Automotive Kit
Chain ½ Inch Link Kit
Chain ASA Breakdown Kit
Chain BS Breakdown Kit
Chain Connecting Link Kit
Circlip External Kit
Circlip Internal Kit
Circlip Plier Kit
Clevis Hitch Pin Kit
Copper Washer Kit
Cotter Pin Assortment
Dashboard Repair Kit
Drill Inserts Kit
E-Clip Metric Kit
European Fuse Kit
Eye Bolt with Nut Kit
Eye Bolt Wood Kit
Fiberglass Patch Kit
Fuel Tank Repair Kit
Glass Fuse Kit
Grease Nipples Imperial Kit
Grease Nipples Metric Kit
Grommet Kit
Grub Screw Imperial Kit
Grub Screw Metric Kit
Grub Screw to Suit Bearings Kit
Headlight Lens Restoration Kit
Heat Shrink Tube Kit
Hex Head Self Drilling Screw
Hitch Pin R Clip Kit
Home Handy Kit
Hose Clamp Kit
Imperial Ball Kit
Imperial Teflon Bush Kit
Key Imperial Kit
Key Metric Kit
Large Fuse Kit
Lock and Flat Washer Kit
Lock Tab Nut and Washer
Metric Ball Kit
Metric Teflon Bush Kit
Mini Bearing Imperial Kit
Mini Bearing Metric Kit
Mini Fuse Kit
Mini Stainless Bearing Kit
Nut and Bolt Metric
Nut and Bolt SAE
O-Ring Imperial Kit
O-Ring Metric Kit
O-Ring Splicing Kit
O-Ring Viton Imperial Kit
O-Ring Viton Metric Kit
Plastic Tank Repair Kit
Push in Air Line Imperial Fittings
Push in Air Line Metric Fittings
Rivet Kit
Rodend Female Imperial Kit
Rodend Female Metric Kit
Rodend Male Imperial Kit
Rodend Male Metric Kit
Rodend Studded Imperial Kit
Rodend Studded Metric Kit
Roll Pin Metric Kit
Sealing Washers Kit
semi precision bearing kit
Shaft Collar Imperial Kit
shaft collar metric
Skate Bearing Kit
Speed Nut Kit
Split Pin - Cotter Pin Kit
Split Pin Large - Cotter Kit Pin
Spring Kit
Stainless E-Clip Circlip Kit
Stainless External Circlip Kit
Stainless Fastener Kit
Stainless Internal Circlip Kit
stainless rodend kit
stainless shaft collar imperial
Thread and Gasket Kit
Thread Repair Kit
V Nipple and Plug Kit
wing nut kit
Wire Terminal Kit
Wood Screws Assorted Kit
Woodruff Key Metric Kit


Custom Parts to Order

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Universal Bearing Company - Australian Supplier of Bearings

Founded in 1990 Universal Bearing Company has grown to become one of the largest and most reputable Independent Bearing Suppliers in Australia. We are distinguished in the market as a responsive, efficient suppliers of high quality, reliable yet inexpensive bearings to the Australian Market.

Universal Bearing Company service both the OEM and Distributors Markets. We operate out of our warehouses at Wetherill Park, Sydney and Dandenong, Melbourne.

We service customers all over Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

After Hour Service Call - Fees Will Apply

NSW: 0414 968 368
Victoria: 0421 931 590
Queensland: Coming Soon.
New Zealand: coming soon

We have accumulated a high level of technical expertise.Our in-house engineers can develop and design bearings to suit your particular needs.

As an accredited Quality Endorsed Company. Our reputation and emphasis on quality means you have peace of mind in using our products.


Universal Bearing Company Australia are suppliers for the following major brands


Power Transmission

Associated Products